Seattle, Washington


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  1. Kevin

    Hello Matt, nice to hear from you :) It’s weird we only get news dated from april as it’s late june already ^^ Can’t wait to see the video !

  2. Poppin2

    Wow, congratulations and welcome little Max. Great news, hope you’ll be dancing with Max on a video soon!

  3. Nando Canedo

    Hahaha. Nice way to tell the great news. Congratulations!!
    …and welcome Max to this big world!

  4. Wrennerd

    Welcome, Max, and Congratulations, Matt & Melissa (if I’m interpreting the drawing correctly)!

  5. Alicia K

    Congratulations on baby Max! I am getting the news a bit late too. Some friends and I were talking about Dave Harrison and Staples HS and I thought to check in with you to see how life was going for you. Looks like you’ve been busy! All the best to you and your new family.

  6. Kathleen

    Congratulations on Max’s arrival this spring!!! All the students from the geography class at SPU were very delighted in your visit and we send best wishes with the new little one.

  7. kimbo

    THAZ SO GREAT!! Congrats Matt & Melissa and Welcome to the world Max! What a lucky little boy. :)

  8. Cori

    Wow – Congratulations, Matt!!! I’ve just downloaded your book for my Kindle, and I’m loving it – Thank you very much for recording your journeys!

  9. Stephanie

    May you be healthy and cheerful and dance like your dad!
    I always enjoy watching your videos over and over again, because they always make me smile and the world looks a little bit better afterwards :)
    Greetings from Vienna/Austria!

  10. Oliver

    Hey, all the best to your little family :) Didn´t read your blog for allmost 2 years! (I´m sorry 😉 Great to see, that your are fine and doing well. And you´re still travelling :)

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