Phoenix, Arizona


Traveling with a baby is harder.

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  1. Amy

    And it gets worse… Mine is almost 4 and I think this past year has been the most gear-intensive for traveling =

  2. Ah… it’s not so bad! Don’t ‘over gear,’ anticipate the leisure of taking things slower. We drove around Europe for three weeks… a first time visit for all six of us. Our children were ages 18-15-11-4 and we did it with five carry-on bags. Trains, planes, and automobiles, metros, boats, and buses… I’ve enjoyed traveling with children, at every age, every stage. Of course, I cannot say I was necessarily ‘dancing’ every time!
    Stopping by Encinitas? Babies love robots!

  3. DarrylB

    I so hope you’re prepared for this evening! It’s gonna be toasty! 103 at 7 PM, they say…

    I am so pumped. I’ve added a lot of the 37 million views for the last video.

  4. Robb

    Oh, I don’t miss those days. My kids are old enough to carry their own stuff now.. That is until the 6 year old decides she is too tired and wants me to carry her and her stuff.

  5. KWG

    Was great having you come out to Phoenix…technically, Fountain Hills, but we will call it Phoenix. Come back any time.

  6. PJ and Tom

    Thanks for making your way out to the desert, Matt! It was a blast being part of your party. Keep dancing!

  7. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the great time last night at the fountain. You were so gracious to all of those who were there. We enjoyed it immensely. I hope you got a new tripod!

  8. Sherry Sommer

    Matt, thanks for dancing in Fountain Hills, had a great time, hope you enjoyed our beautiful fountain and town. Until we meet again.

  9. Lisa Hosking

    My daughter and I had so much fun dancing with you in Phoenix. It was worth the hour and a half drive and the ridiculous heat. Thanks for spreading joy around the planet.

  10. Kelly K

    Try having two kids! I just had my baby in April and already have a two year old. It has definitely been an interesting experience. I’m still not sure which one requires more stuff…..

  11. Joy

    Wait! There was a baby? I didn’t see a baby. Of course, I didn’t see a Melissa, either. Just you and a couple of guys. Hmmm… Had a blast in Watts. Thanks for coming out!

  12. Bill

    Just wait ’til he starts walking, Matt. You’ll carry less stuff, but you’ll be so busy running you won’t notice.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  13. Carol

    I am so excited about today… one of my bucket list items I can now check off…!! Though we drove from Seattle worth every mile…!!!

  14. Angela

    Matt, I feel your pain! Danced with you in Warsaw in 2008, and we had a little one in December 2010, and I’ve moved twice since then. WHEEEEEEW!

    Hope to catch up with you soon!

  15. Charlotte

    Hi Matt,
    Maybe, if you use a wrap to wear your baby, you won’t need to take the strolle with you 😉
    And then you can indeed dance with you baby 😀 maybe when your in Belgium I can take some friends and dance with the babies :)

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