Canyonville, Oregon

This is the last night of an 18 day trip through the western US with Melissa, Max, and the dog. Tomorrow I dance in Portland, then drive home to sleep for a few days. After that it's off to Minneapolis and points east, leaving the family at home.

Amazon just started selling the digital version of my book for the heavily discounted price of exactly nothing. If you have a Kindle, an iPad (with the Kindle app), or any of those other tablet or smart phone things, you can go grab it now…which is great, since I just re-ordered a thousand print copies from my publisher.

I have no idea how the economics of that works. No one notified me or anything. I don't even know when it happened. But it's no biggee. It seems plenty of people still want a copy they can hold in their hands, so I don't think I'll be stuck with boxes in my garage forever.

I'm actually quite thrilled to have so many people suddenly reading (and apparently enjoying) it. I certainly didn't write the book to turn a profit. After I finished the video, I had so many stories to tell that it was something I very much wanted to get out of my system. I got it done, feel much better with that out of the way, so whatever happens to it now is just fine with me.

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  1. seth

    damn! we just missed you. i just found this site and we love it. we’re in portland. where did you dance? we live downtown.

  2. Joan Grimm

    WHAT?? OMG–I can not believe I missed you in Portland. I am your biggest fan and you did not call me when you were in town? Oh yeah, you don’t have my phone number. Well, now you have my email address. And just so you know, I am personally friends (or a relative of) half the people in Portland. So email me the next time you are in Portland if you want the biggest crowd that you have ever danced with. (But tell me in advance how many people that needs to be in order to break the record so I can recruit.)

  3. Cindy

    Planning on dancing with you today in Minneapolis – very excited to introduce this to my daughters (ages 14 and almost 16); we think it will be a hoot! Planning on getting your book on my Kindle today also! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  4. Odd how Amazon could do that. Did you list it with them initially? There must have been some sort of agreement they flashed before your eyes that contained something about that. Still, it seems pretty strange. I’m glad that you are okay with it.

    I loved Portland! I was a great 16th birthday for my son. Thanks for including the NW.

  5. Geo

    Hey Matt, just wanted you to know that i purchased the hard copy of your book in (yes damn straight) India! :) just finished reading it and loved it. just saw it on my kindle reader but i got the copy anyhoot! :) so dont worry and we all love what you are doing! yay!

  6. Mary Beth King

    I have an autographed hard copy and I love it! But it would be nice to have it on my Kindle too so I can read it while I travel. On my way to the UK soon and tempted to try my hand at setting up the camera and dancing on the narrowboat we are hiring for our holiday there.

  7. michelle robison

    I didn’t know about you till I saw the free Kindle book. Now I love it. Traveling has always been a passion for me.

  8. Susi

    I remembered seeing some commericials of some guy that traveled the world doing dancing clips. Am totally NOT a fan of gimmicks or any promotional type of advertising. I do however download all the free books for my kindle to read while traveling. I said ohh yayyy (enter massive sarcasim) when I downloaded your book. I read it near last out of hundreds.. I was WRONG. Your book was great! Real, interesting, and totally relevant for everyone. I finished the book and THEN looked up your video’s on you tube. Thank you for sharing they were awesome!

  9. Laura

    I wish I would have known about you before you left he Northwest!! I watched your third video and I was smiling the entire time!! Maybe next time…

  10. buds

    i just discovered your insanity today matt, and wow,, u are a true cosmic jewel bro ^^,,im sad i missed you in portland/OR,, keep on dancin matt,, i did sign up for your newsletter,, this projecct, thing,, phenom,, it is unreal,, hopin to some day dance with you !!!
    peace n love

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