USS Abraham Lincoln, Somewhere in the Pacific


Oh, I choreographed a dance routine on the deck of an aircraft carrier. What'd YOU do this weekend?

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  1. Valeri

    That’s VERY cool, Matt! @TeeWrexx: yes, the colors define their jobs which are varied. You can find them by doing a search for “aircraft carrier rainbow wardrobe” for the explanation.

  2. Beth H

    I was in Disneyland that day…not NEARLY as cool!! Can’t wait for the new video, hope this clip makes the cut. (go USA!) Have great travels, Harding family. Oh, and thanks for the voicemail from Boise, Matt! My kids had a BLAST dancing with you on the Blue, I’m SO SORRY I missed it!!! (Hope that one makes it in too!!!)

  3. Hi Matt,

    I’m not a usual groupie or fan from anything but I just want to tell you that my wife and I we’ve just arrived from a rtw that lasted 13 months, It was amazing and one of the thongs that made us make it real was your videos, thanks a lot for everything. You can wach us in and link to Hope you like it, it’s thanks to you partly!

  4. Simon

    On August 7? Oh, I was happily celebrating the 192nd anniversary of the Battle of Boyaca, when my country gained its independence from Spain. Wiki that!

  5. Rayon

    Hey, you were at dubai at the same day i was! darn it! I didnt know until just now. WIll you ever be back in atlanta? Everyone at my school is hopeing so!

  6. Dapọ A

    Hey Matt, just to let you know that when I watched your first video is inspired to go out into the world, I still have a long way to go compared to you though. I do love the above picture. And to answer your question I was on the top of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh this weekend.

  7. My dad just introduced me to one of your YouTube videos (I think the 2008), and I sat there and fought back tears and laughter (well, I didn’t fight the laughter). I don’t know if tears were your intent, but it’s such an incredibly moving (and I’m sure ridiculously FUN) thing that you are doing. I’m not sure anyone could watch one of your videos without feeling like their citizenship transcended that of their own country. I love, LOVE what you are doing. If you ever want to come to Angel Fire, NM and dance with Kingdom Twindom, you just let me know! 😉

  8. buds

    just tried to email u matt from your homepage email thang,system, w/e,, wouldnt go through,, u are too popular,, love all u have done

  9. veronique knightstep

    ove it. Adrenaline Junkie you are from one of the same Veronique who danced this year with you in NC.
    I am part of a ‘I always wanted to do ‘that’ ‘ meetup club. and this beats it.

  10. Just discovered your videos today. Then got fascinated by all your travel.

    One day there will be floating starships. Harbingers of war. In need of dancers. You’re going to dance in outer space, dude. And that’s pretty rad.

    Never stop!

  11. Ryan

    Hey Matt,

    I just wanted to let you know that you are a very inspiring man. what you do is the exact reason I joined the navy. I see you are in the Seattle area, I’m stationed in Bremerton right now until my ship (USS Nimitz) moves to Everett. I know you’ve been on the USS Lincoln but it would be awesome if you came to my ship. Thank you for the inspiration. You truly have brightened my week.


  12. Ryan

    And to answer a question above, Yellows and blues direct planes, reds move ammo, and purple deals with fuels. I’m a green which is maintenance. I’m an Aviation Electrician.

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