St. Petersburg, Russia

Today I joined Napoleon and Hitler in wildly underestimating just how many Russians there are in Russia.


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  1. Johnny

    Matt – you look to be in great shape (you look 10 years younger)! Also, I dissed your book cover a couple of years ago in a post – but I take it back because I didn’t know what I was talking about and I have learned a lot more about art directing since then. I just wanted to apologize. I love the way you write – you are so straight to the point and you are an amazing inspiration for me 3 years later. I just wish I had ordered your book with an autograph in it… hopefully Iäll run into you and you can sign it for me. Thank you for teaching life Matt. / A european friend

  2. Martin

    You forgot to mention the swedish king Charles XII who were the first one to underestimate Russian defense tactics… Thank you for all the cool pictures and videos from you travelling!


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