Jerusalem, Israel

This is what happened when Google saw that I am in Jerusalem.


I wandered through a Haredi — or "Ultra-Orthodox" Jewish — neighborhood towing all my luggage. I have never felt so spectacularly out of place. I couldn't work up the nerve to ask anyone to dance with me.

Did some salsa at sunset by Jaffa Gate, though, so it worked out okay.

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  1. Eliya

    I guess you’re not the only one who feels that way. Around here, it’s almost as they are foreign to us (But not entirely). I wonder what impression did Israel leave on you?

  2. Jordan

    you needed to go to Tel Aviv, tons of people would dance with you..I would :)
    The Haredis people are very privet and not very friendly lol..
    I love what you are doing, greatings from Israel :)

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  4. Moshe

    Had you have asked the Ultra Orthodox men to dance with you they would have done so! I know this to be true, and if you ever get to Jerusalem again do so. Sure you might get a few funny looks but dance they love to and are great at it.

  5. Ariel

    Well, there are other great neighborhoods in Jerusalem and great and fun people here. The magic of Jerusalem is the diversity and that almost all goes here, with a wider spectrum than any other citybin Israel. Joynis part of our life! Many flashmoves have woked out very well here. Also Jewish weddings are the best dancing session you will ever experience.
    I would reccomend you to Check this video out :
    link to

  6. Heather

    I wish you would go back and ask again :-) I realize it may seem daunting at first but if you give it a chance you might be very surprised. You might have to stick to men but there are many who live outside the city where restrictions aren’t as tight.

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