Bangkok, Thailand

Just finished a 17 hour flight (!!!) from Seattle. Blessed business class allowed me 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep — maybe my longest since becoming a parent – and I was still able to catch up on all the horrible movies I missed over the summer. Cars 2, Transformers 3, and Fast Five left me desperate to watch part four of anything automotive-themed.

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  1. Rich

    Holy catch-up Batman! I thought you had decided to retire or something. Here I see you’ve been dancing with hoardes of people instead… :) To say I’m extremely excited for the new video would be putting in mildly.

  2. Gaudia

    When’s the film gonna be in the can?
    When do you start editing?
    What’s the release date?
    How will it be distributed? Like blasted to the gazillion on your email list, and then take off from there?
    Who’s your sponsor for this?
    Is the wife and kid going to be in it?
    How about your old friends who were part of your kickoff experience so many, many moons ago?
    Thx for doing the drudgery of marching steadily long distances to interact with strangers and then cloister yourself to create a “masterpiece” to then hopefully enrich your lazy self so you may not need to do this yet again… but it’s so easy to just live on more and better and thus need yet more, again.

  3. Vivian Zhang

    Hei Matt, want to say hi. Dancing with you in Beijing was a great experience! Hope to see your latest video soon!

  4. David Blaine (publicist for)

    Matt, if you are interested in doing a dance scenario with David Blaine (if you don’t know, he’s a widely recognized magician and stuntman). David has viewed some of your wonderful videos and has some ideas which he’d like to discuss.

    Just email me if interested.


  5. Nancy

    Be very afraid, Matt – David Blaine makes things disappear – but then again, I think he also levitates. How cool would that be? Talk amour raising your dancing to a whole new level….

  6. Nancy

    Hey – what’s with the clock? First I thought GMT, but it’s not – it’s 6 hours ahead of Mountain Time.??? My time reads 9:30 pm – I’m waiting for GoT to start on Sunday May the Fourth (…be with you…Happy Star Wars Day) at 10:00.

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