Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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For the second time in a year, I am dropped in this shark tank for your amusement.

Went wandering through the Dubai Mall and happened upon this Sega arcade/theme park that has me dancing on an endless loop outside the entrance.


I had never heard a word about this. No one thought to tell me.

It's basically Sega Mattland. Basically. I tried explaining this to the staff, even breaking into the dance directly underneath the screen. I don't know what they're pumping through the AC in that mall, but I got nothing but blank stares and zero free rides on their roller coaster.

The arcade is sponsored by Visa, so no one is doing anything they shouldn't. I got paid.

Also, here is a vending machine that sells gold.

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You swipe your credit card, it spits out a slice of gold as if it was a Snickers bar.

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  1. Tell me that’s not totally great. I mean, the underlying statement: this country is not only rich enough, it is SAFE enough to have gold bar dispensing machines.

    Sorry about the free rides thing. You have to be an Emerati to get free stuff in Dubai. It’s a rule.

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