Manila, Philippines

A lovely account of the Manila dancing event from Hannah, who wound up pretty much organizing the whole thing for me.



She is a hell of a photographer.

5 Responses to Manila, Philippines

  1. Rich Rossi

    Hannah’s account was a fun read. I kind of miss your stories, but I’m sure that life is keeping insanely busy now that you’re a Dad. 12-11-11, huh? Hopefully you’re in the process of editing! :)

  2. Denise

    Hi, Matt! I’m a fan from Manila, Philippines. Hope you enjoyed your visit here. See you soon, and I hope to see our place in your next videos :)

  3. Am

    Next time you’re in the Philippines, you need to do some island hopping and visit El Nido, Batanes and Calaguas. Heaven on earth 😉

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