Seattle, Washington

As I've been traveling for the big, new video, I've also been working on this project for


I got to stay at 16 of the most spectacular hotels and resorts in the world. And yes, all I had to do was dance.

Honestly, if you asked me for the most beautiful places I've ever seen, several of them would be from this trip.

My good fortune continues to disgust even me.

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  1. Pete

    I’ve driven past the hotels in Dubai you stayed at. Alas – all I could do was look from without. I am the riff-raff at those places :(

  2. Truly revolting, made me grin, and welcome home to Seattle. So glad you got to have a non-bordello experience from my beloved Dubai *this* time around.

  3. Simon

    Wow – gorgeous hotels and beautiful places. Disgusting good fortune, yes; deserved good fortune, yes too! Well done, Matt. *salutes*

  4. Chloe Booth

    Brilliant! ill know where to go when on Holiday then haha…

    speaking of, i’m off to London in April for a week. what hotel have you stayed at that you’d recommend?
    I understand if cannot reply. you are, after all, trekking left right and centre!
    chloe x

  5. Bruno

    I think what you are doing is great. I teach middle school and would love to have you come by and share your talent with my students and staff. Have you ever done anything like that before? We have a small group of 850 or so. LOL. I love your dancing, it’s genuine simplicity and the inspiring enthusiasm. I especially like seeing some of the places the kids and teachers in my school connect with in your travels. Paz e felicidades, BC

  6. Hey Matt,
    As I sit here in my office chair I watch your videos frequently and daydream about seeing all the places you have been to!
    I love your style and your humor and your intelligence that comes through in your videos and interviews.
    If you are ever near Sacramento, Calif our group of about 50 people would LOVE to dance with you! We will teach you an easy dance. Solana

  7. Kate

    Your videos just bring happiness alive.

    So happy you got to enjoy those magic places around the world.

    Love for supporting you.

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