Seattle, Washington

With two months of editing and many painful cuts behind us, here's where we're at.


The goal is to pack in as much as we can without making it feel rushed and still somehow clock in under 5 minutes.

The music is coming along. We have a melody and a tempo and a structure, but we haven't started recording any live musicians yet.

I'm hoping to be able to upload the finished video in about a month. There's still so much to do, though.

9 Responses to Seattle, Washington

  1. Toni A. Martínez

    This is the most important part of the job! You have been taken great shots, and now it’s time to mix them and makes them alive! I’ll send you lots of luck from Spain. We met in Barcelona Dance!

  2. Toni A. Martínez

    I read your sentence “After two months of editing and many painful cuts…”. Why don’t you make two videos? One: the Official-smash-succesful-viral-short-video. And Two: The-LordOfTheRings-Style-Extended-Version-Uncutted-With-Extra-Footage!

  3. lksb

    I second the “Directors Cut – The Extended Version.” There are still some of us left with a 10 minute attention span.

  4. LukePearson

    Your commitment is inspiring. So excited.

    I agree with an extended version though. No doubt you’ll probably post out-takes or extra videos about your travels like you normally do.
    Take your time. Make it the best yet.

    Give us a date too when you know one!!!

  5. Ph.

    Can you give us hints to who made the cut..aside from Toronto and Baltimore??? After the year I’ve had this is the ONE thing I’ve had to look forward to. The suspense is killing me!!!

  6. Toni

    Squinting to see if the Portland clip is tacked to the storyboard. Can’t wait to see it.

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