Seattle, Washington

No video for May 1st. The music is taking us longer than we'd planned, but I haven't got a gun to my head, so we're taking our time and getting it right.

If you've signed up on my site or contacted me, you should hear when it's up. I'll be sending out a discreet little non-spammy notification email. And I'll announce a hard date of release all nice and official-like once I know for sure I can hit it.

12 Responses to Seattle, Washington

  1. Alan

    Dawww, I was hoping for it to come tomorrow 😛
    I’ll be waiting for the email =] Keep up the awesomeness Matt!

  2. Simon - UK

    Absolutely cool Matt, you’re totally right to play the ‘artist’ card (as in “It’ll be finished when I’m happy with it and not before”). Take you’re time man, it’s yours not ours. Best wishes to all.

  3. Rich Rossi

    I’ll just mirror what Edu and Simon said.. Take your time and get it where you want it. We are eagerly but patiently waiting.

  4. Stefaney - Wisconsin

    Thanks for the update Matt! Enjoy the motions of finessing the final details. I’m sure it will be well worth the wait!

  5. Dusan Knezevic

    OOooh i so hope Belgrade did make it in the final video :-) greetings from your Belgrade cameraman Dusan

  6. Andrea del Castilho

    OK, don’t forget to let me know, too… Haven’t heard from you for such a long time, so take your time, but let me know!

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