Tarzana, California


My goodness, sir, that is a cartoonishly enormous drum you're banging.

Recording percussions with MB Gordy in his backyard studio.

Currently aiming to release the video on May 1st if everything goes smoothly.

It is entirely likely that things will not go smoothly.

14 Responses to Tarzana, California

  1. John OHalloran

    Taiko, Taiko, Taiko!!!!

    If the guy in the headphones is standing, that is one gianormis drum.

    If you do make it to Maker Faire (see Natalie’s post) my Dojo will be showing how we make the drums and giving classes.

    Heck, you can have dance segment in front of our drums while we play for you.


  2. Rich Rossi

    What can I say? I’m VERY excited to see it!! Good luck and don’t release it until it’s ready!

  3. Gaudia

    What is your plan to release the video?

    Just put it up on this website and on YouTube?

    Will you send out an email blast like 1 day ahead of time to the many who are on your email list of folks from around the world who wanted to, a few fortunate to, dance when you came to town?

    That bit of advance notice should not only warm the cockles of their/my hearts, but create a buzz as we 21st Century Paul Revere’s will ride our electronic netbeams to tell everyone we know that “Matt’s video’s coming! The video is coming.”

  4. Luke

    PLEASE send an e-mail 24 hours before you post it Matt! I’m hoping you’re going to have it finished for the 1st May! Excited.

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