Seattle, Washington

Recording the bass guitar for the new video as I write this.

Bass Recording

Vocals on Tuesday. Editing on Thursday. Fingers crossed I can have it up on June 20th, which would be the anniversary of the last two dancing videos.

13 Responses to Seattle, Washington

  1. Chelsey

    Good luck, Matt!
    I showed your 2008 video to all my students in Japan and they recognized you from your visa commercial!
    Can’t wait for the new one!

  2. Joe

    He has the video done by now, he’s just showing it to friends and family first. Can’t wait for the 20th! My birthday :)

  3. Lenny

    Where The Hell Is Matt is still the best video on youtube for me. Looking forward to the new one. Cheers and beers from Halifax, NS, Canada.

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