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  1. Susanna

    You could tell he actually had a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing, but was only going to participate to a certain limit.

    Very funny!

  2. Adam

    I’m sitting here trying to remember what you were saying to him once we stopped filming…something along the lines of, “I mean no disrepect…” He did not seem amused. It’s still a shame we couldn’t get Mr. O to do a little dance. A nice shot of him doing a little Moonwalk, Worm, or Sprinkler would have been fantastic. I’m looking forward to the new video. Congrats on finally being done…or almost being done.

  3. Joe

    The soldier in the video has already been beat half to death, and will spend the remainder of his life doing brutal manual labor.

  4. Dion

    Soldier’s saying to himself just moments before: “I hope this guy doesn’t get me thrown into a gulag”

  5. Lenny

    Ok at least THIS soldier laughed. In the 2008 video (Demilitarized Zone, Korea) I thought THAT soldier was going to rip your spine out, Predator-style.

    Hope to be seeing the new video later today. Cheers from Halifax, NS, Canada.

  6. Vanina

    I’m sorry but my english isn’t very well. I’m french and I love your videos. I hope I will realise my dreams in discovering the world like you. Good luck for the future and thank you for the happiness of your videos.

  7. Simon

    Thank you thank you thank you for shooting a clip at the Park of Lights in Medellin, Colombia. Although I was not there, it makes me both proud and nostalgic for my hometown. It’s a shame that only a few people showed up. But if you only knew how horrible that whole sector used to be when I was a child, you would not believe it.

    Love the video, as I thought I would. Every single time I watch any of the dancing videos I get chills.

  8. Pauline

    A friend in Colorado introduced me to your dancing videos and have followed your journey ever since. I think it is remarkable that you manage to have fun, create peace, and generate smiles worldwide!! Outstanding!!

  9. Brenda


    It is a joy to watch your newest video!! It makes me happy beyond belief!! You’re an inspiration Matt!!

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