Seattle, Washington

The new journal seems to be working. It went down for a few days while we switched services at an…unfortunate…time.

Going to go hop on reddit right now and see about doing an IAMA.

8 Responses to Seattle, Washington

  1. Adele Medved

    So pleased to learn the term Darwin’s Tubercle….at 63, I’ve never known what to call that nifty feature I share wiht Matt!!

  2. Doug Smith

    Please keep us posted regarding upcoming TV appearances (I’m sure the requests will be rolling in with the new video). [BTW, I also have a Darwinian Tubercle]

  3. Elens

    When are you coming to Kazakhstan? Hope you are not gonna leave Almaty out from your project.

  4. I loved your earlier videos and this latest one is especially moving. In these times of bad world news, it’s great to see a bright side to humanity. Thanks for the inspiration.

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