Seattle, Washington

Ethan Zuckerman wrote this piece about the dancing videos about two hours after I uploaded the new one.

Not that there’s a whole lot of critical analysis to wade through (and not that there SHOULD be, either), but it’s the best thing I’ve read about what I do.

Thanks, Ethan.

4 Responses to Seattle, Washington

  1. Doug Smith

    Indeed! I love what you do. Keep it up. Even though I downloaded the videos (with a modest donation) I keep watching online over and over, hoping that you might earn a few pennies from my views.

  2. Simon

    Just realized…no thanks to Stride Gum on this one. Did you finance this some other way?

  3. Bill

    Excellent article! I will be sharing that as a way to introduce some people to what you do.

    One thing I noticed watching the 2012 video – and I want you to understand that there is no criticism intended, merely an observation – is how little your wardrobe has changed since the first video. Your fashion sense is very consistent…

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