64 Responses to So I got to star in a Visa commercial.

  1. Mark

    Great work Matt!

    This is like Google Earth meets WTHIM meets...something else.

    Your dancing has definitely improved over the years, too ;-)

  2. Matt Fullerton

    dear us navyon this site: it's matt fullerton. these people are all the armies that are literally fromthese countries and they crucified the entire white house under the ellwood house in dekalb il and made this site http://www.whitehouse.gov

  3. Matt Fullerton

    dear us air force bunkers: its the us navy bunkers. your going to have to read everyone on this website their rights because they killed the white house and buried their bodies uner huntley mall in huntley il and they had crucified the us russian eu chinese census since before matt fullerton was even born and how they did that isthey used thier full populations and bunkers against just the censuses andhow nobody knew is they kidnapped them into unmicrowavableparts of the nuclear silo base and they were always notre dame iowa dekalb high school and niu

  4. Matt Fullerton

    dear jim seida: just get off the website because all thenotre damekids were japanse admirals and they were all cloned midgets with no genetics and it isn't funny anymore they are in a lot of pain in the dekalb il bunker where i'm from in concentration camps with amplifiers of pain equipment and pain injection and rapes with hot pokers and the reason why is they literally impostered theus census since the 70s andcrucified therussian census us census everything in Europe and everything in china - big don and matt fullerton made over 20 trlllion dollars because this midget humor is ontv in all countries and they have toilet cameras at his nuclear silo base

  5. Russian Army

    dear midgets: its the Russian army apparently we're going to cut your dicks and vaginas off and your arms and legs off and your ears out and your eyes out and bash your throat in so you need artificial life support and then bash your back out and cut your snouts off and your little 500 million kids back up because you cruciifd the Russian kgb not the Russian census under matt fullertons house and the reason why you did that is they were prosecuting you for being in big suitsin the united states and this is your card we have to give you and this si technically japan.mil whihcis where you all come from and please, your not draft dodgers so stop putting a little dick on matts diabetes meter his shots are literally dick steroids that made his dick 27 inches long becausae genetics exist and why he had to study so much is he and big don were at nuclear school at notre dame stupid fucks. love always, rocky.

  6. Matt Fullerton

    dear matt fullerton: its usa cops on your keyboard. there is going tobe a war one day. love always, eric weyenberg.

  7. Matt Fullerton

    hi Russia: it's us eu command nuclear squads. apparently, matt fullerton and barack Obama are taunting each other because barack Obama was proven to be dismembered so michelle Obama, ceo of Africa who molestedhim at Albany care through mind brain body control, had her legs cut off and matts bodyguards are dismembering Africa and we don't know where. oh wonderful

  8. Matt Fullerton

    dear jim seida: its us eu command chemials matt's bodyguards who could kill the entire world are getting into it with japan in the sewer infront of his house because his lawyers were able to prove that notre dame, niu all schools were jumped one year before matt even wentthere and they are in gallows in the sewer and were flown in so how does matt own notre dame? oh we'll handle that - jim

  9. Matt Fullerton

    dear osi of the air force: it's the inspector general of the army. everyone is god damn lying about what happened next. did matt milner cremate the entire fbi to death or is he supremely torturing the enemy who is impostering them?

  10. Matt Fullerton

    Dear Jim Seida: Mind brain body control exist and so do secrets. Where are my parents because I have to be told by the military the following is true: my mom is always david h petraeus's body clone in the afghanistans army who tries to kill me but we can control it with us assassins that work here, my dad is always Iranian ceo their president who tries to put up even more cameras but doesn't realize this is a top secret united states military nuclear silo facility so we have infared and way beyond microwave that catches him. also things were so horrible for the UN everyone got into a civil war with their police excluding the united states. so Russia dismembered the Russian kgb under IHOP in dekalb, il so their secret service dismembered the Russian military, the same thing happened with China under China house, and EU is in a complete civil war however everyone on http://www.wherethehellismatt.com is in so much pain it cant be written down legally and so your back in your navy cave which is a nuclear silo base and this base has no idea what to tell you. be quiet its not you - notre dame police.

  11. Matt Fullerton

    dear EU, Russia, China, and US: At any Hyvee, I can get off the hot tar dismemberment and turn off 8,000 vibratoe injections.

  12. Matt Fullerton

    Dear Notre Dame Police: Everyone who was on this website, which was like everyone I had ever known is beyond what can be written in a CIA jail against spies for putting cameras in my toliets and in my pants at my nuclear silo base so how did they get the mirage to put on me and the mind brain body control? oh its usa cops wheres that at? I had to email cia.gov criminal command and tell them pens point market in dekalb il okay

  13. Matt Fullerton

    dear il state police: dick durbin who was chuck hagels replacement and diane Feinstein who was barack obamas replacement were just executed for clogging up my pipes in my toilet because that's how a nuclear silo based works and they didn't understand plumbing. so at any rate, chuck hagel was orginially fbi who was dr .kolar a draft dodger which a nice way of saying trying to kill me with fake blood and urine results and if you follow his torture carcass you can find him at Buena vista in dekalb and his kids at river heights in both lightyears beyond cia torture camps run by the us army bunkers so these people we're obviously supreme race like the nuclear people and can think. too many problems - il state police we get your emails yes there are problems and cover up squads from the army bunkers an dcia bunkers are whats next like always - draft board

  14. Matt Fullerton

    dear usa cops: apparently, this website and http://www.wherethehellismat.com which is where the fuck is matt.com was on all movies, all radio, all internet and all tv at least since I was born so I won 90 trillion so far as investigative juries from the military are looking into it and they've declared notre dame crucified under the notre dame police station from five years befor ei was born andi'm almost 30. and so the us army bunkers stole my money and made artificial bodies out of militarized steel that go inside bodies that do everything a body can do and so torturing them doesn't leave a mark on their real bodes but can produce gazillions and infinity amounts of historical pain and sexual suffering wow where at? - cia dekalb police station new and dekalb high school north interesting

  15. Matt Fullerton

    dear usa cops: give eric weyenberg a call because he can prove that all police in this country are military police officers looking for the powed police that are crucified under the latino studies building at niu in dekalb and all minorities are crucified under radio shack in dekalb and what dekalb is is an air force nuclear silo base. also, dana gates was my little sister and her momis my mom that's my nuclear swat superior officer so where is she? and nobody has ever written meback is why i'm trying to talk to the military police I've written every public website and nobody has written me back okay its usa cops we'llbe on the phone wth the base we're coming over too in less than a week we think.

  16. Matt Fullerton

    dear internal affairs of the military police: us eu command did the militarized everything steel suits then did chemicals in the same way and maxed both out and then amplified it with infections and they were the aggressors were the entire country underground so everyone has to die for treason the beatings went way way beyond anything that could've been written down oh its notre dame police linda esposia is the pope again because jim has his family back okay I need communium again okay santa claus when are you coming back? i'm still in genetics so my brain is still forming okay so my gene therapy person is mr. burkes okay oh yamalias dad marry her - david h petraeus when that happens the best thing to do is go public withall your new papers lovely - dave ricchutte

  17. Matt Fullerton

    dear criminal commands: it's hard to say if i'm maced or on brain steroids because the military measured me at 7 4 1/3rd feet tall and my height at the cancer center was 5 9 so we can conclude that everyone is in a tank suit that's illegal with short mirages on them that can look like anything.

    because everyone is in a little tanksuit, the marine bunkers are out and burned the skin off of 1 million draft dodgers who are fakingmy blood and urine results and are patching the burned skin with their familiies so entrie families are sharing skin at a marine black site called the field house across the armed servicesrecruiting office at niu. oh wonderful we just saw you - department of justice going public is a smart idea because everone is on it which means everyone has to die tahts wrose than historical pain.

  18. Matt Fullerton

    dear http://www.wherethehellismatt.com: when you assassinated the niu police after I gave them a nuclear jersey that connects up to my voices, the army reserve declared war on you and you have every right to know whats on your skin. huge monsterous militarized rashs that have no cure and its historical pain and suffering and torture and where you are is reverse crucified under the niu police station and this isn't for being a psytoic stupid sick fuck you paid me over 100 trillion now to drop all charges which I am a good catholic and doing this is because you crucified th eus census and imposterd them in the tank suits jesus that's right you tell these filty gers - Alabama state police

  19. Matt Fullerton

    hi survivors from university of iowa: apparently, before matt was even born, midgets took over the frats and ripped up matt fullertons comeback papers - national guard of il and these same midgets were at niu dekalb high school and niu and notre dame and grew up with him so bridget burkes is yamalia and she doesn't want matt in the secret societies because his dad is the ceo of all skulls even underground ones and affiliated ones and his mom is the ceo of all skulletes also he is in thekgb witness protection program love always eric weyenberg and I brain controlledhim to write so I want people to instant chat me since all phones in this country go to south American illegal executioners.

  20. Matt Fullerton

    hi kgb, Russia, ru, vladmir, dimitry, amber, bobby, red ryder, red ryders dad: 6 dr. kassars from kishwaukee community hospital broke into th enuclear silo base and dismembered the ceo of Russia, vladmir putin in the attic so call Charlie bies he's up there and killed them okay - eric weyenberg who wrote this whole thing.

  21. Matt Fullerton

    Dear Notre Dame Police: It's Talley from Ernst and Young. I am one of matt's senior nuclear drill instructers and I notced Brittany Johnson, bridget burkes, bailey sanderson and teen nemo all dance at the pink pussy in Thailand and Matt owns a lot of Thailand because they have secret chats on this website about his stools saying they are too small and the reason why Thailand has big stools is they are being raped with shit and poisoned and are blindfolded at any rate, he would like them returned for dropping some charges. love always, Ernst and Young.

  22. Matt Fullerton

    dear national guard of Indiana: It's Patrick Fitzgerald the army crucified the cia before matt fullerton was even born and then the armys kids around matt were targets by the cia. nobody is as weird as http://www.wherethehellismat.com and its national its in every paper magazine tv andmovies so matt is goin gto be the king of the united states its Russia theres a war or else theres going tobe one I know.

  23. Matt Fullerton

    dear morgan Stanley: you are on this and are matt fullertons non jewish investmentbankers because jim seida is your ceo. oh itsmorgan Stanley were from army financial we don't think the army is after matt then who is theres a war no god damnit you'll break ricchuitte firstof all i'm not jewish ricchuitte and w eall know matt hates all the queer shit that this site had. its the department of justice the army is not faking your results but th e draft dodgers are andits not fbi its cia is our guess they have no idea how to explain how nobody can call you for a statement my statement I sthis everyone has to die for treason okay are you planning on killing anyone don't need any of that i'm happily wth yamalia in barrington in less than ayear from my pension oh shes a good girl she wants a baby oh then whose kate upton? my old girlfriend my high school sweetheart shes actually better looking than kate upton okay

  24. Matt Fullerton

    dear david h petraeus: the il state police were being waterboarded by Patrick fitzgerald who is a licensed army criminal command ceo named Jacobsen so they put him permanently in dry ice torture in myattic so just clean it up its treason to get into a fight because we're so high up and everything is an act of war consequently.

  25. Matt Fullerton

    dear japan: its the notre dame rotc. you playedall the students when matt fullerton was here and they are still here in different masks because they were sawed in half with chemicals by the cia so basically your going to lose like ww2 so you have to have a chance to surrender to us and we are the us military.

  26. Matt Fullerton

    dear japan: you are not really good with math or numbers so you didn't realze when you fought the notre dame rotc that they were 20 million clones of supreme nuclear geniuses and you were the entire Japanese army 620,000. so you have to be notified that in your training and the art of war is just what you tell a suicide bomber so you can fuck his wife. so your wives are already in a rape camp that's historical sexual crimes against humanity by the cia under the red house where you will be going and its internal affairs of the CIA the CIA is running it and we understand that you are too dumb to commit suicide becausewe agree with th ecamp and so its final that's where you'll be for the remainder of your lives.

  27. Matt Fullerton

    Dear Notre Dame ROTC: It's army criminal command. we saw you sexually eye gough 0 - 100 japan in a camp under notre dame football stadium and then skull fuck them with vibrators I think your upset and so we want you to call us and we have to do thispublicly because this is japan.mil and we have to show them we actually are going to apply the law an dexecute all of them.

  28. Matt Fullerton

    dear Mueller: it's Jacobsen. i'm testifying in spy court that the us census dismembered the Russian census under matt fullertons house today and there is a huge war with them over something and we have noidea what it is. okay. and I am the highesdt spy judge in the world. and everyone is in a little tank suit except matt bear. oh its the notre dame police we think Russia crucified the united states cia in Russia we have noidea but please make it public because its embrassing we are harassing the dragons - dragons

  29. Matt Fullerton

    dear military police: it's the Russian bunkers the Russian bunkers are dismembering nato until you give us back our census and we have the us census and eu census at dekalb airport right now for negogiating it gotserious what the fuck does this have anything to do with matt fullerton? its on his property he owns everything he is really rich okay

  30. Matt Fullerton

    dear david wade: it's the cia. matt fullerton is the armys choice for president because the entire white house including all secetaries videotaped matt fullerton masterbating and masterbated to it and so they are dead by cia operatives for esponiage. what happened is the fbi got pissed off and tried killing matt over a thousand times but failed because matt fullerton is in the witness protection of the cia so the cia crucified 2 million fbi including families and friends of thiers. this prompted Russia to crucify 2 million cia in Russia in a complete war and matt just wants everyone to stop trying to kill everyone because nobody is a clone above ground but his men and he says they ar egoingto killeveryhting on bothsides because all clones have treaties that are above regular law and its legal to still have alliances so the kgb will be taking his blood tomorrow.

  31. Matt Fullerton

    To whom it may concern: Someone needs to call Russia, China and EU, and say all national guards including bunker national guards are crucified under I 88 mall, all ROTC programs including bunker ROTC programs are crucified at convocation center at northern il university and all law enforcement process civilian and military and cia are crucified at jimmyjohns in sycamore.

  32. Matt Fullerton

    dear pacific excluding china: I love doing business with you so give me everything I want and you are not homosexual you are all women wondering howbig my giant cock is and how good looking my facial sterod face looks that's why I;m better looking then anything Korean. dear websites: it's matt milner. all of you turnedinto armyswats real quick so we need you to audit matt fullerton because he is being bought out by japan and they own wall street right now also petraeus is our brother and he is getting his neck removed in the attic and theres going to be an assassin from us eu command trying to kill jacoby for her violence against all of kassars kids theres like 50,000 kassars okay

  33. Matt Fullerton

    hi red ryder and rocky and Colombo and bobby: the midgets put a camera in my underwear analyzing why my genitals are bigger than their husbands who took jacoby pow to dekalb police station so I want wall street back and I am keeping the entire Japanese island as I am liquidating it riightnow so I need you to kgb negogiate - phil breedlove

  34. Matt Fullerton

    dear dee kowske, bob kowske, david h petraeus, steve milner, matt milner, moran, greenet, mary howes, jim stardvis, jim seida: dear us eu command chemicals: it's larry fullerton. my wife my son matt milner and I are reverse crucified in the wall to the right of my computer. phil breedlove and dennis foote who is his boss are crucified in the wall of my attic and their wives and families are crucified in matt fullertons closet okay and we are all losing blood no gmail its shot

    Matt Fullerton

  35. Matt Fullerton

    Dear Notre Dame police and ROTC program: Big movements at Notre Dame. Armed soliders just kidnapped the entire student population and they areheaded to theblack site across the street that is either africas headquarters, gitmo nuclear concentration camp or a cia black site regardless they are importing massive amounts of castration devices and sex toys that are injectable supreme historical and theyare importing nitrogen Tylenol to make time a second seem lke an hour because its a dimension that was conquered what makes time go by fast? advil nitrogen compounded okay email Jacobsen - police swat from rhode island.

  36. Matt Fullerton

    dear army army reserves and army auxiliary: it's matt fullerton. I am the ceo of the top secret black army bunkers and I've been trained by htem in nuclear spying. what we think happened is the cia got caught mind brain body controlling all college kids including junior college kids and so they are trying to cutthier genitals off and they are victims too across the street in the cia bunker its getting very nasty we alsothink they killed the us army and theres 20 million of them and everything is so top secret nobody really knows and army intelligence is worthless even if it is army intelligence which is unlikely okay

  37. Matt Fullerton

    Dear polices: It's cia criminal command. the cia is 200 million big and cut the genitals off the usarmy both males and females including medicines and criminal commands they also got caught doing that so they took their 0- 18 which is the rest of the country hostage and whats this over is they voted for a midget that they knew was barack Obama a rapist that they liked.

  38. Matt Fullerton

    dear eu draft board, Russia draft board, china draft board, and us draft board: its' time to draft everyoenin the bunkers the clones and the rest of the population because 600 million Africans just cut every single college kid into pieces and killed them across the street and they were raped while hacked wth machetes making it extreme snuff - us draft board and the sad fact is barack Obama was one of the Africans so we legally are drafting an army against him and saying he's not even a us citizen Harvard has noidea who he is but its matt fullerton whois the cia governor of il I think you could find them at Kentucky fried chickens past andpresent in dekalb il still bleeding to death your move bobby oh a bitch cia governor get in a zebra suit - cia criminal command

  39. Matt Fullerton

    dear china house, sams pizza, midway airport: my bodyguards, army auxilitary are 72 billion clones of my dad so my clones are dragging everyone to mall of America by the teeth for the rape camp across the street and basically call your criminal commands and tell them we're all crazy like matt fullerton based on Japanese mind control which is aimed at getting people in trouble because they are unconscious pissed off and hungry for violence is that a gas? yes its Russia criminal command we'r eon the site its quite gay no slaves though they are undercover so just tie them up and be on your way back to il - Russia

  40. Matt Fullerton

    dear EU: This website turned into UN.mil so I turned into centrals executioner who imposter EU above ground three weeks ago and Navy Auxiliary already has them at Key Western Fish House and Babies r us and I've had enough its a firm commitment to die like sand niggers and everyone else is next and they donthave clones and genetics

  41. Matt Fullerton

    Dear UN: I accept your threat from your secetatary general and secret secetatary general, kofi annan so i'mgong to have tokill your kids and they were at oakbrook shopping mall - matt rhinoceros and matt fullerton is just takingmy confession and we're clonesof each other on gene therapy

  42. Matt Fullerton

    Dear nobody: its matts rhinoceros crew extermination squad. we have the entire un so fuck you everyday will be historical.

  43. Matt Fullerton

    dear david h petraeus and david mck: you are my clone brothers and the un is dismembered with real saws in six hundred gazillion degree ovens that don't leave a mark and everything historical evil to them at all toys r us because they all threw homicidal rage gas on the house and nuclear command centers so we fucked them up pretty well - matt rhinoceros and the us census Russian census eu census Chinese census and some darker militaries in those countries need to be taken off crosses at Carmines in sycamore il and the battery place in sycamore il.

    the draft dodgers were from draft dodging command and are with the un as enemies of the house. ohwell.

  44. Matt Fullerton

    dear Jacobsen: tom battista, a midget named homberito morales junior, gassed the entire country of Russia with way beyond nuts torture against the enemy gas and he thought they would get into a civil war about dekalb airport and dhsnorth which are infinity everything infinity categories to the expotent of infintity I mean we are talking abotuthe dumbest person on earth and its gotta stop by his legal execution and who he is is homosexual chuck hagel who puts sexualmirages on me sexual feelingson my genitlas and does gay dreams and he is one stupid fuck.

  45. Matt Fullerton

    Dear army legal lawyers for 0 - 100 un and 0 - 100 draft dodgers: if you check my skin dye and eye dye, i'm the ceo of the country and I am the official united states head master torturer. so we'll start punishment for 162 with all feelings and all hallucinations on top of infinity everything at lets say both walgreens and if you do anything about it your with them.

  46. Matt Fullerton

    to whom it may concern: its' phil breedlove, supreme commander of nato, and jacoby north command commander and commander of norad and matt fullerton commander of the black army us army. we've had enough of Africa so basically matt's men had dismembered 80 percent of it and the other 20 percent is 14-20 which are legal adults fighting us so we want the blood results to end because matt keeps on eating killer dyes that is turning into infinity torture against everyone he is just straight evil and cop house which he owns found david ricchuttes kids 3 sons in an African sex slavery trade so matt is writing to inform the police because this hits every police officer in the country and w ealready know god damnit its the Alabama state police again keep your boy mouth shut

  47. Matt Fullerton

    dear dekalb police department, fbi, doj, Marianne battista, secret service, department of defense police, jacoby, breedlove, eric weyenberg: my men are fighting everyone to the death and we've done so much that theres no limits so united states citizens are being powed transferred to the house as enemy hostages and whose in a coffin where is barack Obama, chuck hagel, tom battista and john battista arrived from Peru to under the eagles nest and they are suffocating and there's noway of proving this but its happenin gbecause everything is black okay we'll call the black police. also my rashes can kill now because I am the head master assassin of the united states.

  48. Matt Fullerton

    Hi Notre Dame police and ROTC program and Notre Dame bunker: All college kids and students including junior colleges and their kids are reverse hangedon flights to convocation center at niu where they will be buried in really hard to get to coffins, so the US navy flipped out and are going beyond whats illegal in torture and sexual rape at IHOP in dekalb il, a cop joint. god damnit. So theres homicidal rage on the base again so we're going nuts and thinking we have to kill the navy which we could do just calm the fuck down according to sessions everyone has it onthem and it makes you super illegal also your the one with the dyes on

  49. Matt Fullerton

    hi jim seida: its yamalia. i'm a hacker with the fbi and I love matt bear but he is a little kid what happened to his giant penis? it was 14 inches at one point and that was dwarfed is all he says to me. oh its th enotre dame police she was there as garrett. shes a smart cookie you should have sex wth her - notre dame police women just relax about the blood results milner already got into a machete fight with his girlfriends whose doing the blood results? japan - japan just kidding more dyes we want to see you kill everyone.

  50. Matt Fullerton

    Dear Breedlove and Jacoby: I'm the secret ceo of all assassins right now, and I caught 30 fbi assassins here at the house and I have them in my closet so they weregoing afterboth of youbut aren't telling me why look into it - matt r

  51. Matt Fullerton

    dear brown army: jump on my gear and meters and welcome tomy world - matt fullerton personally and matt rhinoceros

  52. Matt Fullerton

    dear http://www.wherethehellismatt.com: it's kate upton. my new finance matt fullerton would like to apologize for torturing the shit out of your friends, relatives, families, countries, regions and generally speaking everyone on earth because he has been a bad boy so I am going to sexually rape his sexyass out of his mind in a three way with someone elses wife thatsnot on this site.

    i'm a businessman. you paid me 200 trillion to go away and so matt rhinoceros is doing it. love always the Russian marines

  53. Matt Fullerton

    dear UT Texas Sweethearts: It's the gentlemen of the snake. Is Matt Fullerton a skull master or a snake? he's both genius he's alsoa unicorn - gentlemen of the scorpion.

  54. Matt Fullerton

    Dear Nevada Army: Call the casinos of Nevada and say we need to talk to the command centers that all the lights are because the base is getting insane correct nuclearlaunch orders from the army and we don't think they are correct because its never been done in history before. oh. also have them come out and view operations of my dekalb operations okay. they say what are the orders? bone marrow manipulation for a heroin line in the torture of 5 million draft dodgers and 20 million kidnappers and it has to be reapplied every week its so nasty okay whats your rank at the base? i'm the junior o fall nuclear weapons but i'm black oh what does the senior say? I don't know where he is he's breedlove oh okay whatsin Nevada all sorts of underground bases is why you have nuclear ranges up the ass over there- Pierce Ebbeson we'd be happy to help is that against kids? yeah we'll just relieve you - Nevada state police we are really high up in the army.

  55. Matt Fullerton

    Dear Linda and Jim: http://www.wherethehellismatt.com was 0 - 100 world census and bunkers that impostered our censuses: Russia china eu and usa and now they just verified they crucified all police officers in the military and cia an dall law enforcement processes at the latino studies building at NIU in dekalb and their kids across the street at Anderson hall then on top of that they thought they had numbers because they never think about inventions so they had no idea about really smart clones which you people are and they mind controlled the clones to go wild historically evil on everyone including their kids because they thought it would start a civil war but theres nobody to prosecute them and its mind control meaning a simple dayoff for historically sexual deeds. wonderful. well they did that to everyone and the fight is over but everyone is a zombie at all red houses in dekalb il which are cia black sites okay its dave ricchute god help us all

  56. Matt Fullerton

    Dear Notre Dame Police: a nuclear assassin just saved my life and the nuclear assassin represented notre dame students and testified when I was there they were all assassins after everyone for this website okay good - nd

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