Disney hired my team and me to produce this video

We filmed it over a month and they put it all together. Just got to see it this morning. No, I'm not dancing in it. Got to stay behind the scenes this time. Worked mostly from home without having to be away from the family.

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  1. Lori

    Watched this at the library with the sound off, looks fabulous, with that wonderful “nice warm fuzzy happy people signature +Matt Harding feeling”, as Fredrik said. As much as I’d like to listen to it (especially the bagpipes and the different choral groups), I cannot take that tune one more time. As a child I was trapped inside Small World during a monsoon at Disneyworld and was forced to go around the damn thing so many times in a row that horrible tune became the soundtrack of my recurring nightmares. But it looks great and I’m glad they had you do it. Good job!

  2. Nancy

    Matt, I started from the beginning and almost had heart failure when Mike Franks posted that he was looking forward to the “…final video.” Gads!, he shouldn’t scare people like that! Fortunately, I used my Spock-like logic to deduce that a) he may not be a first-language English speaker & confused ‘final’ with ‘next’, and b) there probably (I hope) wouldn’t be a sign-up form if the 2012 video was the last. I’m having a bit of difficulty going back to fix auto-correct errors that I didn’t catch. If I go back, I can’t get back to the end to continue. So I’ll use the telegram/TTI/teletype system and put a capitalized ‘stop’ at the end & you can ignore what’s left. I’ll also fill out a new form: I’m retired & volunteer to help organize any stops you may plan to: The entire state of NM or AZ, southeast CO and TX as far east as Dallas. Thank you for what you do – and Melissa, he is a lucky man. STOP. AZ, soutteasternsignsisign-up torn to dance with you

  3. Elvio De La Fuente

    A piece of shit video for a fucking exploiter firm, experts at masturbation (and fleecing) of the (ignorant) tourist, proud of possibly the most annoying song ever written. Hope the Disney check bought you a lot of Big Macs, hey ashhole?

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